Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pioneer Days

One of my favorite childhood memories has got to be Pioneer Days.
I loved camping out, usually at Brophy's ranch, Westwoods or McKee's down by the river.
I remember the whole ward being there - at least it seemed like it.
Karli barrel "racing" with Shalako.
Watermelon and sodas cooling in the stream.
The primary games organized by Sister Germer, Peterson or Schumann.
Bro. Roblyer telling stories.
The men playing horse shoes.
The food! Why is it always the food for me?
The tents and sleeping under the stars.
And of course the Primary costume parade.
Oh, the fun we had.

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Jana Jensen said...

I always loved Karli's picture here. I remember she really really wanted to go to Pioneer days and was so excited when we took this picture.