Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dogs of the Past

We have had many a dog at the Gulbranson household/farm over the years.
The earliest one I can recall was probably Muffin.
Why name a dog Muffin?
Well being a St. Bernard, what other name could you come up with?

Then there were April, Maggie, an entire congregation of lab/mixed puppies.
And of course Cassie.
How can we ever forget Cassie?

I'd be interested to know how many dogs have come in and out of our childhood home.
Most of them left via the highway ...


Kasey Gulbranson said...

Lets not forget dear Lucky...numbers 1-4.

Karli said...

Kasey, your comment made me LOL. And that's not easy considering my lack of sleep these days. :)

Jill said...

Korlyn with that puppy is precious!

Jana Jensen said...

You forgot April the come back dog, Sambo, Teddy and Rufus, one of Dad's expensive dogs. I cant remember the name of the dog that was hit by mrs Kyle while we were standing at the bus, maybe Jared does?

Jana Jensen said...