Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picking Sticks!

Picking sticks was a right of passage for us.
After the first few days, you didn't care that you got a paycheck.
You just wanted to be able to stay at home again.

I think that these two may have got an earlier start than some of us!
But by the time it was their turn Jana, Jared, Kara and Karli were married and gone.
Kaelen was probably on his mission.
Kyle and Garyn were out working the cows.
So the task fell to these two.
But they were proably just happy to be treated to a Slurpee afterwards.
Good memories in the making.
And now they have fields to look over and appreciate.
Dad's dream come true.


Karli said...

Um.... I'll admit it, I must have been a favorite child... I never did have to pick sticks! But I did brush cut so maybe I made up for it there?

Kara said...

Karli - I think Dad was afraid of what you would do to the stick picking crew. Didn't you have some sexual harassment charges brought up after doing brush cutting? :) LOL!!

Jana Jensen said...

Awww! makes me miss the little boys. I didn't mind picking sticks actually, I would even do it again but dont tell my boys it makes it hard to complain to them about my rough childhood.