Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference - Gone Awry

I don't recall this happening very often for us girls.
I think the pressure of Jared and other boys down the line erased a lot of pressure for us.
But parent teacher confereces left us madly cleaning Jared's room.
We knew the impending doom and we knew it would accompany a trip upstairs.
Just to check his room and see if it was a disaster - we tried to avoid this.
Later it was the other boys.
But us girls? - Never!
We brought home excellent report cards.
In the words of Dad's teacher - "You done good Mel!"


Karli said...

Dang! We have cute little brothers!

Jana Jensen said...

Dad looks thrilled and I see the coat is still on in case he needs to make a quick bolt for the door. You forgot to mention that on the night during parent/teachers while you helped Jared with his room I generally baked cookies and cleaned the kitchen. Every little bit helped.