Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picking Sticks!

Picking sticks was a right of passage for us.
After the first few days, you didn't care that you got a paycheck.
You just wanted to be able to stay at home again.

I think that these two may have got an earlier start than some of us!
But by the time it was their turn Jana, Jared, Kara and Karli were married and gone.
Kaelen was probably on his mission.
Kyle and Garyn were out working the cows.
So the task fell to these two.
But they were proably just happy to be treated to a Slurpee afterwards.
Good memories in the making.
And now they have fields to look over and appreciate.
Dad's dream come true.


Mom and Dad always believed in consequences.
But I guess it turned out okay.
But I noticed over the years that they got a little lenient.
So I would have hated to see what they would have done to us if we got kicked off the bus as Kasey and Korlyn did way back when.
Their consequence?
Walking all the way home from Prariedale Elementary.
In the cold and snow.
Now as a parent, I think, AWESOME!
But those boys were tired when they got home.
What is that? About 5 miles?
What grades were you boys in?
And why did you get kicked off the bus?

Family Pictures Over the Years

Oh how photography has changed.
How we have changed.
And thankfully, how clothing has changed!

Enjoy a walk through time.

This may be the only time Jared and I got along as children.
Don't we look happy?

Someone should have taken the curling iron away from Mom.
I imagine Jana got hit with a comb or two for this picture.

So many things wrong with this picture, the biggest one being Kara's hair
paired with Kara's glasses.
The rest of you did all right.
Well, there are Kaelen's glasses.

Parent Teacher Conference - Gone Awry

I don't recall this happening very often for us girls.
I think the pressure of Jared and other boys down the line erased a lot of pressure for us.
But parent teacher confereces left us madly cleaning Jared's room.
We knew the impending doom and we knew it would accompany a trip upstairs.
Just to check his room and see if it was a disaster - we tried to avoid this.
Later it was the other boys.
But us girls? - Never!
We brought home excellent report cards.
In the words of Dad's teacher - "You done good Mel!"

Heads Up For Landry

Dear Landry,

I just wanted you to know that the apple doesn't always have to fall far from the tree.
You have choices here.
Karli and I will help you.

Aunt Kara

Okay, I guess it's not that bad to follow after her. She was pretty darned cute!

Pioneer Days

One of my favorite childhood memories has got to be Pioneer Days.
I loved camping out, usually at Brophy's ranch, Westwoods or McKee's down by the river.
I remember the whole ward being there - at least it seemed like it.
Karli barrel "racing" with Shalako.
Watermelon and sodas cooling in the stream.
The primary games organized by Sister Germer, Peterson or Schumann.
Bro. Roblyer telling stories.
The men playing horse shoes.
The food! Why is it always the food for me?
The tents and sleeping under the stars.
And of course the Primary costume parade.
Oh, the fun we had.


A common childhood ailment in our household was dandruff.
But it did not stand a chance against our mother and her tools!

Of course another necessary element were these boys :

I imagine they have fine looking scalps now thanks to Mom.