Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Pictures Over the Years

Oh how photography has changed.
How we have changed.
And thankfully, how clothing has changed!

Enjoy a walk through time.

This may be the only time Jared and I got along as children.
Don't we look happy?

Someone should have taken the curling iron away from Mom.
I imagine Jana got hit with a comb or two for this picture.

So many things wrong with this picture, the biggest one being Kara's hair
paired with Kara's glasses.
The rest of you did all right.
Well, there are Kaelen's glasses.


Karli said...

Did anyone else notice that Kyle might be the only one actually smiling in that family picture? Poor Wallaces! :)

Jill said...

I don't know Kara, my husband looks pretty darn cute!

Jana Jensen said...

Crazy how everybodies kids look just like them. McCall like Kara, Justin like Jared, Kael and Kaelen. Although Karli and I are out of luck, no little red heads here and as you said in previous post at least Landry looks nothing like me.