Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I had to catch myself ...

Sometimes I feel like Nephi,
Having been born of goodly parents.
Then I feel badly for my own children.

But at times, more often than not, I have a blast from my past.
For instance.
This last week I had asked and asked and asked Tate to do something.
Put away his clothes and clean his room.
Is that to much for a 7 year old?
I didn't think so!

After coming into his room and finding it in even worse condition before I let loose.
It all came so quickly.
Something so familiar.
Flowing so easily.
I was half way through when I realized ...

"Tate, that is it! I have had enough.
Next time you do a job half way,
I will drive you half way to lacrosse practice and see how you like it."

Do any of you remember hearing that exact phrase.
Only input whatever practice, YW, Cubs, etc you were going to.
Ahhh, the memories!

What do you find yourself saying to your kids that comes straight from the book of Mel and Kathi?

1 comment:

Karli said...

Haha! That's awesome! That was always a good one mom! :) I say things all the time and think, "wow, I am so my parents". But I think what reminds me the most is that my hugest pet peeve is seeing clothes on the floor! Whether they are clean or dirty or somewhere in between, it drives me batty!!!! I'm sure it has to do with the whole "I do the laundry around here" thing and I can now see why it drove mom crazy!