Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Mom and Dad always believed in consequences.
But I guess it turned out okay.
But I noticed over the years that they got a little lenient.
So I would have hated to see what they would have done to us if we got kicked off the bus as Kasey and Korlyn did way back when.
Their consequence?
Walking all the way home from Prariedale Elementary.
In the cold and snow.
Now as a parent, I think, AWESOME!
But those boys were tired when they got home.
What is that? About 5 miles?
What grades were you boys in?
And why did you get kicked off the bus?


Kasey Gulbranson said...

I do believe I was in grade three and I distinctly remember being wrongfully framed for something that I did not commit. Korlyn however was guilty.

Karli said...

Grade 3!?!? Holy crap, that's Porter next year! And Korlyn must have only been in grade 1, Emma's age. What mean parents you guys had! :) But I'll bet the bus driver was super nice to you from then on. :)

midnight hysteria said...

hehehe ... i remember when mr. theisen (oh, i know that spelling is wrong, sorry!) kicked tiffany weaver and sarah jones off the bus for laughing and talking and *having too much fun* .... boy, were they both in trouble ... we didn't make sarah walk from braeside to sinkut view, but she was sure in trouble!!!


Jana Jensen said...

I love this, best parental act ever. My boys were also excused from riding the bus a couple years ago but because we live too far from town I couldn't use the same discipline. However the Jensen 2 had to pay me five dollars a day to reimburse me for the money I had to pay in gas to get them to and from school for the three days. Ahhh! I love consequences.

Jana Jensen said...

Wait, I have to post another. Upon further investigation of the picture I wonder what kind of sicko parent drove behind the meek and lowly boys to take their picture. I can hear the giggle and gawfa from the photographer now. I love it!