Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winters a Comin'

We've pulled in the garden, put up the hay and pulled out coats and gloves, now onto the wood haulin'. When we built the new house we put in geothermal heat which cools and heats the house through coils of water in the ground (don't ask, I can't tell you) but we also put in a large wood burning fireplace which has both cooked and saved our bacon from freezing. We love the crackle of the fireplace on cold days and the red glow in the evenings and those of you who know Russ know he just plain can't stop making fire. So before things get too cold we chop and haul wood for the winter months. It may look like I don't work around here but hey, someone has to take the pictures and boss and there has to be some sort of perk for being the only girl in the house.


Karli said...

Pretty sure Jana did a whoops here. I think she meant to post this on her site but I'll take a post from her when I can get it. :)

Kara said...

Holy crap batman! jana is a posting machine!

Jana Jensen said...

Yeah, I may have fowled up there but hey, I am old and non-technical, give an old lady a break.