Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas ?

For some reason I remember Kaelen not wearing pants in the picture, thus the pillow on his lap. Does anyone else remember this? Or am I thinking Kaelen just never had pants on? Also, pretty sure mom made most of these clothes for us, some of the fabrics and patterns are probably still in the "sliding door closet" upstairs, all cut out and ready for sewing!


Jana Jensen said...

Those are some cute kids. I think Jared and Kara are actually smiling and are in the same picture, oh but wait, they are on opposite sides aren't they? We had a great life. This was probably taken just minutes before we decorated the Christmas tree behind us by throwing homemade bows and hanging those dough ornaments Mom baked and painted, angels I think. I am wearing one of my all time favorite sweaters from when I was small and yes, I was at one time small.

Jana Jensen said...

Did anyone remember that Kaelen wasn't wearing any pants so we threw the pillow across him?