Friday, January 9, 2009


Mom has always been a good sport putting up with all of our teasing. Well, I was going through my pictures and sorting them and came upon this gem! It quickly took me back to calling Mom Bavmorda! "Pigs, you're all PIGS!" Pretty sure she was right as I try to keep up with my little piggys now! Thanks for letting us have fun with you Mom!


Karli said...

Is it bad that I totally see Kennington in mom in this picture? :) Haha!!! Mom has always been good at putting up with our shenanigans. Thanks mom! When I see this photo I remember all of he awesome costumes we always had growing up. Getting up to nine kids ready for Halloween can't have been easy but we always had the best costumes around!

Jana Jensen said...

"Here's a quater, go buy yourself a rat and have it chew that thing off", I am speakiing of the wart of course.