Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Run Off

Okay siblings, I know I am not up there to witness the spring run off and have the joy of vacuuming out basements with all the flooding going on. But my mind was turned back today to the joyous spring run off around the house. When we donned our gum boots and jumped on the inner tubes with paddles and paddled from pond to pond. How we ever lived after those adventures is beyond me. We survived both the frigid cold water without knowing how to swim and we seemed to elude any suspicion from Mom (thanks to Jana washing all our soaking wet clothing). I remember hiding our wet clothes in the fort until mom made it into town and we would quickly run out and bring in our now musty, muddy and half frozen laundry for Jana to do before Mom got back from errands. Thank goodness she needed her break from us and enjoyed People magazine and a bag of M&M's at the park for an hour or two. It gave us plenty of time to wash the clothes and get more of them dirty!
I can't believe we would "swim" in those filthy ponds and quite enjoyed ourselves at that. I am just glad Kyle survived his close call, he didn't even get sucked into the culvert! We were not always smart, but we have always had fun! Miss you all this spring, wish I was there!


Karli said...

I wish you were here too. Then you could help us tear up carpet and vacuum musty old water out of our basement at all hours of the night! :)

Jana Jensen said...

Ahhh! good times. Spring runoff always reminds me of those same things but I would kill my boys for doing the same things. this year spring runoffs cause road wash outs and other fun damages.