Monday, November 3, 2008

Any Memories Triggered?

Okay, this may not be "the" three wheeler from our childhood. But I wanted to get every one's memories from this sweet little machine. My memories were triggered today as I took my friend dinner who was recently in a four wheeler accident and is very bruised and banged up. I have two specific memories from our blast from the past. One involves Mom and the other Kaelen.
Mom - I remember being told we were not able to ride on this "dangerous" machine until Mom or Dad had given us a safety demonstration. Well, for some reason, and I for life of me cannot imagine why, but Mom gave us that demonstration. She mounted the three wheeler and successfully navigated her way out past the hay shed and turned around. But on the way back the fence line had moved and she hit the barbed wire fence of Peppers Pen took out several fence posts and several lengths of barbed wire. She was bruised and battered, but the biggest damage was to her ego as we have never let her forget this little mishap. For some reason, this is the ONLY memory I have of Mom ever on a three wheeler or any ATV for that matter. Her safety lesson was very effective and lasting, I don't believe I ever got in an accident for fear of the fence. Also, I am pretty sure that is as fast as I have seen Dad come to the aid of Mom, an over all good and fun memory!
Kaelen - my next memory involves Kaelen and a minor accident, that was probably his fault. Actually, this can probably be blamed on Uncle Aaron. I believe we were told that under no circumstances were we to use the three wheeler unless Mom and/or Dad were home, but like so many other warnings/threats, this one went unheeded. Aaron and I were on the three wheeler and Kaelen came running out, or away from us, I can't quite recall. Somehow he tripped and landed sprawled out right in our way. In lieu of tipping over, we ran over Kaelen. He cried like a baby about a little hurt arm. Well, turns out he may have broke it and we knew we would be in big trouble. So, like the good children we were, we banded together to make up a very plausible story. Kaelen simply tripped on the hose on the steps outside and fell on his arm. What is not believable about that? We even made sure the hose was positioned correctly, CSI style. Well, our story was not believed and the truth came out later that night as Kaelen had to be taken in for x-rays, he just couldn't stick with the story! Sorry about that Kaelen, but no harm done, right?
Everyone go ahead and post their memories from this wonder of a machine, Jared, I believe you should have a few just from your own experiences!

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Jana Jensen said...

Well, my memories are similar to Kara's, certainly the one about Mom. I think however that I was already off to University, on a basketball trip or trying to get some sleep in my bed by myself when the incident with Kaelen occured. But, I do remember that tangled mess of Mom and three wheeler and how humourous it was that she was teaching us the ins and outs of three wheeler safety. Maybe her next lessons should have been "How to hire a great general contractor" or " How to build a sturdy pigpen" I don't know maybe there were lessons on those topics, I must not have been paying attention. All in all though we had a lot of fun on that three wheeler.